Everyone has a breaking point and unfortunately for Velia she had reached
her’s. A series of dreadful events had led her wanting to escape her life. This is the beginning of our story, set in the charming medieval Italian city of Civitella. One can only run so long from their past, and this exactly what happened to Velia. Rather then new beginnings for our beautiful protagonist it was a slippery slope of once again unfavourable events. This leaves the viewer wondering will Velia ever find peace in her life?

Fotografie: Zi Jun Yong, Jonathan Knapp, Hajna Hári, Camila Holguin
Retusche: Zi Jun Yong, Jonathan Knapp
Layout: Hajna Hári, Camila Holguin
Format: 280mm x 190mm
Art: Fotobuch
Seitenanzahl: 12
Druck und Bindung: Saal Digital