The first scene shows Spud and Renton at home preparing for a job interview. Spud is nervous beforehand so he takes speed to settle his nerves. At the job interview, Renton seems to be danger of getting the job because of old school ties, prompting him to come clean about his heroin addiction. Spud needs to act as though he‘s trying to get the job without actually wanting to get it in order to receive his welfare benefits.

Based on the movie by Daniel Boyle

Eric Collier as Renton
Trystan Horn as Spud
Hans-Dieter Volpert as Interviewer
Helmut Volpert as Interviewer
Michele Weimar as Interviewer
Malcolm as Fly

Elina Gkekas, Jonathan Knapp, Louisa Baum, Henrike Volpert

Elina Gkekas

Director of Photography:
Jonathan Knapp

Audio and Music:
Louisa Baum, Henrike Volpert

Costume and Props:
Henrike Volpert